Proposal 25000-130646

0.58 mi of hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, pavement removal, aggregate base, concrete pavement repairs and concrete curb and gutter on Coldwater Road from Saginaw Street to Harry Street, Genesee County. This is a Local Agency Project. ** Comb/Jt. 1090 Cb, Ea or Comb/Jt. 1090 Cb, J or Comb/Jt. 1090 Cb, N9-3G or Comb/Jt. 1090 Ea, J or Comb/Jt. 1090 Ea, N9-3G or Comb/Jt. 1090 J, N9-3G **In addition to the above minimum prequalification requirement for prime contractors this project includes subclassifications of Cb, Ea, J and N9-3G. If the prime contractor is not prequalified in those subclassifications it must use prequalified subcontractors. Those subcontractors must be designated prior to award of the contract to the confirmed low bidder.
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Items: 87 Counties: Genesee County
Project ID: 1800066

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