Proposal 24000-129318

Bridge deck repair, joint replacement, concrete beam repairs, concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk, drainage, placing riprap, approach work and guardrail onBridge Street over Bear River in the city of Petoskey, Emmet County. This is a Local Agency Project. ** 464 Fa **In addition to the above minimum prequalification requirement for prime contractors this project includes a subclassification of N9-1E. If the prime contractor is not prequalified in this subclassification it must use a prequalified subcontractor. This subcontractor must be designated prior to award of the contract to the confirmed low bidder.
Proposal information table
Date Generated:12/21/2017Sections: 2
Date Revised: 12/21/2017 Amendments: 1
Call Order: 023 Highway Number:
Items: 70 Counties: Emmet County
Project ID: N/A

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