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Question asked regarding 521072373

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Letting ID: O07 Call Order: 237
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Seeding bid item

Sheet 15 bottom right note states: SEEDING LIMITS ARE FOR ESTIMATING PURPOSES. ALL DISTURBED AREA SHALL BE SEEDED WITH NO ADDITIONAL PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BASED ON FINAL SEEDING AREA. Should we interpret that statement to including seeding up to one acre per section 903 of the KDOT Spec? Or would we be expected to seed all disturbed area regardless of quantity?

Asked at 07/13/2021 05:43:13 PM

The seeding should be assumed to be less than 1.0 acre with the understanding that the 0.85 acre indicated in the plans is an estimated quantity.

Edit 7/20/21 8:02 am:
This project is less than 1 acre so Section 904.3e applies: Seeding/Lump Sum. This item is only used on projects with less than 1 acre of seeding. Prepare the seedbed, fertilize, seed and mulch all disturbed or cultivated areas within the right-of-way and construction easements according to DIVISION 900. This item includes all seeding and mulching necessary to meet stabilization requirements in SECTION 901, and includes both temporary and final surfaces. Multiple mobilizations may be required depending on how the Contractor pursues the work.

Answered at 07/14/2021 03:11:35 PM


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