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Letting of January 9, 2018

Letting information table
Letting ID: 180109
Cut-Off Time: 02:00:00 PM MST

Proposal table
Proposal Call Order Project ID Items Amendments Counties
(6 Active Proposals, 1 Withdrawn Proposal)
18820170926 2 A018(820) 47 1 Latah
This project will replace the Four Mile Creek bridge on Hwy-95 just South of Viola. The current structure was designed for an old load rating and its narrow width makes it functionally obsolete. Replacing the structure will aid the flow of commerce by upg...
20000170803 3 A020(000) 10 2 Payette
for the work of sealcoating the pavement surface to improve ride quality and extend the pavement lifespan; I-84 MP 0.095 to MP 12.613; OREGON ST LINE TO BLACK CANYON IC located in Payette County
13479171010 4 A013(479) 66 1 Ada
for the work of overlaying various road segments, FY17 CAPITAL MAINTENANCE, ACHD, known as Federal Aid Project No. A013(479), in Ada County, Key No. 13479.
19898170907 5 A019(898) 15 1 Butte, Clark, Fremont, Jefferson
Micro Surface SH-22
19926170926 6 A019(926) 26 3 Caribou
for the work of cold milling and inlay, including pavement markings, traffic control, replacing wild life fencing and jump outs, replacing signs, replacing underdrain pipes and warranty seal and fog coat on US-30, MP 375.836 to MP 378.40, known as Idaho F...
18923111717 7 This proposal has been withdrawn
This proposal has been moved to the letting of January 16, 2018
19112070606 7 A019(112) 24 4 Owyhee
For the work of fully reconstructing Hwy-95 by tearing out and rebuilding the entire roadway prism from milepost 16.7 to 18.5 in Owyhee County known as Idaho Project No. A019(112); Key No. 19112