View a Sub-quote Request

As a prime contractor using the Bid Express Small Business Network, once you create your sub-quote request, you can view it. You can only view requests that you create. You cannot make changes to the request while you are viewing it.

To view a sub-quote request, click View Sub-quote Request in the Sub-quote Request column for the request you wish to view.  The Bid Express service displays a read-only view of the request.  You can click the Letting ID, Letting Date, or Proposal to go to the details page. The request also shows the date it was created and last updated, as well as withdrawn or published.

The edit button is available for unpublished sub-quote requests or withdrawn requests that don't have any replies.  Click edit to go to the Create Sub-quote Request pages.

The resend button is used to send a notification to agency-sponsored subcontractors that match the work types in your request. A request must already be published in order for this button to be available.

The publish button is available for unpublished or withdrawn sub quote requests. Click publish to publish your request. The withdraw button is available for published sub-quote requests.  Click withdraw to withdraw your request.

Click cancel or select SBN Landing Page in the navigation trail to return to the Prime Contractor View.

Outreach Report

The Bid Express Small Business Network Outreach report (formerly called the Good Faith Effort form) can be presented to an agency to show your efforts in subcontracting with a disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE). The form is provided as a courtesy by Info Tech, Inc. and is not an official or approved form by any agency.  

To print the Record of Subcontractor Outreach Effort:

  1. From the prime contractor view of the Bid Express SBN, click View Sub-quote Request for the specific request.

  2. Click View Outreach report in the upper right corner. The Bid Express service opens the Record of Subcontractor Outreach Effort.

The report shows your company and sub-quote request information, plus the number of respondents that are DBEs and all respondent contact information.

You can download this file as a PDF document and then print it by clicking Download PDF in the upper right corner. Open or save the file, then print it from Adobe Acrobat.