Upload Load Configuration File - Administration

The load configuration file (load.cfg) contains the configuration settings used by the Open Bids program and the post bid opening report generation. The load.cfg file is created by the Bid Express service and is part of the implementation process.  If you have any questions about the load.cfg file, please contact Bid Express customer support.

Follow these instructions to load the configuration file:

  1. Select Upload Load Configuration File from either the Expedite or AASHTOWare Project Bids sections of the Manage Agency page. The Bid Express service goes to the Upload Load Configuration File page.

  2. If you already successfully uploaded a load.cfg file, the date and time of the upload is posted on this page.

  3. Click browse and navigate to the location of the load.cfg file. Select the file and click open.

  4. Click upload.

The Bid Express service uploads the load.cfg file and displays a success confirmation message. Click Load Configuration File in the navigation trail to see the date the file was loaded.