Unsolicited Sub-quotes

As a subcontractor, you can create a sub-quote for items in any proposal and send it to selected contractors. You can edit an unsolicited sub-quote provided you have not yet sent it to a contractor. The Bid Express Small Business Network lists the unsolicited sub-quote and includes links to the letting and proposal on which the sub-quote is based.  The unsolicited sub-quote also displays its expiration date.

The unsolicited sub-quote displays a status of In Progress or Sent. Click Edit to change a sub-quote that has not yet been submitted to contractors.  

When a vendor responds, the status changes to View Prime Response.  

Click Hide for a sub-quote request you no longer wish to see on the page, and click View Hidden to see all hidden requests. You cannot edit a hidden sub-quote. Click Show for a hidden sub-quote to make it visible again.

To see a list of all contractors to whom you've sent the quote, click View Sub-quote for that quote. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Notified Vendors section.

Click one of the following topics for more information:

Create or Edit Unsolicited Sub-quote Requests

Send Your Unsolicited Sub-quote to Vendors

View Unsolicited Sub-quote Requests

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