Respond to a Sub-quote Request Reply

As a prime contractor using the Bid Express Small Business Network, you can respond to subcontractor replies. Subcontractors may update their replies, so you can only respond to the latest one.

To respond to sub-quote replies:

  1. Access the Prime Contractor View on the Small Business Network tab if you are not already there.

  2. In the My Sub-quote Requests table, click the Reads and Replies link under the View Sub-quote number. The Bid Express service goes to the View Activity page for the request.

  3. Click Respond. The Bid Express services goes to the Send Response Message page.

  4. Enter your response in the body of the message. You can only respond to the reply one time.

  5. When you are finished, click send.

The Bid Express service sends the message to the subcontractor and returns you to the View Activity page. The response includes the information you entered, plus proposal details and your contact information.