Request Bidder Eligibility

If the agency has approved this option, you can request to be able to bid on a proposal. Requesting eligibility does not guarantee the ability to bid on this proposal.

You can request eligibility even if you are not logged in to the Bid Express service. Once you request eligibility, you cannot cancel your request. You cannot submit a request after the proposal deadline.

You can request eligibility on a proposal multiple times. Each request will overwrite the previous one for the selected proposal. Once you request eligibility, the Request? column displays a Yes. It does not keep track of how many times the request was submitted.

  1. Select the letting date of the proposal on the lettings tab.

  2. Select Request Bidder Eligibility from the Also Available section.  The Bid Express service opens the Request Bidder Eligibility page. The availability of this option is dependent on the agency and is not available after the proposal deadline.

  3. Select the check boxes of the proposals for which you want to be considered eligible.  You can use the Select All check box at the top of the proposal table to select all proposals.

  4. When you are finished selecting your proposals, click request eligibility.

  5. Enter your Bidder ID in the Bidder ID field.  If you do not have a Digital ID, enter Other in the Bidder ID field. Enter the rest of your bidder information. If available, the Bid Express service will enter your information according to your ID.  Verify the fields in the information window to make sure everything is correct. Anything with an asterisk is required.

  6. Click next.

  7. Read the eligibility information. You must confirm with your agency if you are eligible to bid. Click finish.

  8. Click ok in the message window.

  9. Click the letting in the navigation trail to return to the list of proposals.

The Bid Express service sends an eligibility request message to the agency.