Proposal and Vendor Data - Administration

You can upload proposal and vendor data from AASHTOWare ProjectTM software. (If you are an agency that doesn't use Project software, click here.) This data includes plan holders and vendors. You cannot load data for a letting or proposal that is not yet in the system. The information must be in a Project file or the Bid Express service cannot upload it. Information in a file must be for only one letting or the Bid Express service cannot upload it.

  1. Select Upload Proposal and Vendor Data in the Letting and Vendor Data section of the Manage Agency page. This brings you to the Upload Proposal and Vendor Data page.

  2. If you are uploading vendor data, select either Amend Data or Replace Data from the Action drop down list. Replacing data will make vendors obsolete unless the vendor is marked non-obsolete in the uploaded file. It will also delete bid tab, bid total, and plan holder data for all proposals in the letting and replace it with the data in the uploaded file.

  3. Click browse. The Bid Express service opens a File Upload window.

  4. Navigate to the location of the proposal or vendor data file and click open.

  5. The complete file name displays in the File field. Click upload to upload the file to the Bid Express service.

The Bid Express service will overwrite any existing information that is also contained in the new file. Once the upload is complete, the Bid Express service displays a summary of the uploaded data and its status. Depending on what was uploaded, you may see a display of the data.

Return to the previous page by selecting Upload Proposal and Vendor Data from the navigation trail under the Bid Express tabs.