You can change your Bid Express password.

  1. Click the mybidx button or link from anywhere in the Bid Express service. The MyBidx page displays.

  2. In the Account Settings row, select Password to get to the Change Password page.

  3. Enter your current password in the first field and press tab.

  4. Enter your new password in the second field. It must be at least eight characters and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, and one symbol. If you stored your password on your browser, you may see a message asking to confirm the change. This is a feature of your browser and not the Bid Express service.

  5. Press the tab key and enter the password again.

  6. Click save. The Bid Express service returns you to the MyBidx page.

Use your new password the next time you log in to the Bid Express service.