Manage Small Business Network Attachments - Administration

You can upload files for prime contractors and subcontractors using the Bid Express Small Business Network. The attachments will be available on the landing page of the Small Business Network tab.

  1. Click Manage Attachments from the SBN section of the Manage Agency page.  The Bid Express service takes you to the Manage SBN Attachments page.

  2. Click browse. The Select file window opens.

  3. Navigate to and select the attachment.  Click open.

  4. If you wish to give the file a label, for example, a name that would make it easier for contractors to identify what the file contains, enter it in the Label field.  

  5. Click browse again if you wish to add another attachment.

  6. Once all attachments have been selected, click upload.

The Bid Express service uploads the selected files to the Bid Express Small Business Network.  When contractors go to the Small Business Network tab, these files will be in the Also Available section of the landing page.