Manage Digital IDs for Expedite - Administration

When contractors create Digital IDs for Expedite, the ID must be approved by both Bid Express administration and the agency. You have the option of approving an ID, putting it on hold, or rejecting it. If you do not wish your agency to be part of the Digital ID approval process, please update the Bidding Options on the Manage Agency Settings page.

Once your agency is past the migration date for using the Bid software, you will no longer be able to change the status of Digital IDs for the Expedite software.

If you are updating your vendor numbers, please contact Bid Express customer support for information on how to update your contractors.



Note:  When a contractor tries to create a Digital ID, the Bid Express service will display a message if its version of .NET is out of date. The contractor can download the latest version of the .NET framework from the Digital ID page or from the downloads page on the Microsoft website.

Public and private agency key pairs are used to encrypt and decrypt the digital signature. Information encrypted by one key in the pair can only be decrypted using the other key in the pair, thereby authenticating the sender’s identity. The Bid Express service uses keys in order to keep bids private until the bid opening.

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