Manage Digital ID - Status

Once your Digital ID is created, even if it has not yet been approved, there are a variety of things you can do, such as update, replace, or remove your Digital ID.

  1. Click the mybidx icon in the upper right corner. The Bid Express service brings you to the My Bidx page.

  2. Click Bid with Expedite or Bid with AASHTOWare Project Bids and then select Digital IDs (if you are using the Bid component) in the Account Services section.

  3. Click the status of the ID in the Status column.

There are several things you can do on this page. If you do not see a particular option, your Digital ID may not be in the correct stage to see that option.

Upload State ID, Driver's License or Passport: Use this option if you are using the Bid component to verify your identity. Click browse and navigate to the location of the file containing a picture of your ID. Select the file and click open. Then click upload. When your file is successfully uploaded, a check mark displays. A member of the Bid Express customer support team will call you as soon as possible, but within three to five working days, to get verbal confirmation that you have submitted an ID for the AASHTOWare Bid component. If you are not available to take the call, the team member will leave instructions on how to confirm your submission.

Continue Creating Digital ID:  Use this option if you were interrupted when you began creating your Digital ID.

Replace Digital ID: Use this option if you've forgotten your Digital ID password or if you are on a new computer and do not have access to your backup Digital ID. The Bid Express service cannot reset or replace your password. You will need to pay the $100 processing fee to replace your ID. If you are using the Expedite software, you will have 30 days to send the new, original, notarized paperwork to the Digital ID Activation team. If you are using the Bid component, you will have 30 days to upload a photo ID. When you replace a Digital ID for the Expedite software, you can expedite the enabling process by sending the new, signed, and notarized registration page by fax or email to Bid Express customer support. A red warning message appears on your ID page until Bid Express administration receives your original notarized paperwork or approves your ID.

Reprint Registration Page or Paperwork:  Allows you to reprint your registration page if you are using the Expedite software. This can be used if you misplace the first one and still need to send it to the Digital ID Activation team or if corrections need to be made to the original notarization and the page resubmitted to the Bid Express service. You can also print a copy of the paperwork for record retention.

Update Digital ID: If your Digital ID contains incorrect information, update it to fix the problem. There is no charge to update the ID, but if you are using the Expedite software, you will need to send in an updated, properly signed, and notarized form to Digital ID Activation team.

Remove Digital ID: If you no longer need a specific Digital ID on your account, you may remove it.  This may remove the monthly charge from your account and will also prevent you from using the ID to submit bids electronically. There is no way to reactivate the ID once it has been removed.