Log In to the Bid Express Service

After you sign up for a Bid Express account and before you can use the Bid Express application, you must log in.  

  1. Enter your email address in the email field on the Bid Express home page and press the tab key. This is the address you used when you signed up for your Bid Express account.

  2. Enter your password in the password field.

  3. Click Log In.  

The Bid Express service brings you to the Agency Quick Launch Center.  From here you can select an agency, manage your Bid Express account, or view the files in our Training Center.

If you forgot your Bid Express password, click Forgot your password?  and follow the instructions.  If you continue to have issues, contact customer support by email or call us at (888) 352-2439.


Note:  Guests (unsubscribed Bid Express users)  may not be able to view all services or data.