Home Page Menu Bar

Located on the Bid Express home page, the Menu Bar gives you access to necessary Bid Express information that is not related to a specific agency and is not part of the bidding process.  The Menu Bar contains frequently asked questions (FAQ), the fee schedule, news, and other information.

Bidding Services

The Bidding Services menu lists the different Bid Express services, including the basic service, Internet bidding, bid tab analysis, online plan sheets, and the Bid Express Small Business NetworkTM.  Agencies interested in seeking information about electronic bidding through the Bid Express can click For Agencies to see more information.


The process of subscribing to the Bid Express service and the current list of fees is available through the Order menu.  

The Fee Schedule lists the cost of obtaining and maintaining a Bid Express account.  It also explains the costs associated with a Digital ID and how payments can be made for using the Bid Express service.  

You can also view Bid Express and agency contact information. It lists the various ways of contacting Bid Express administration and customer support. There is also a list of agencies that are using Bid Express. At times, there may be other uses on this page, such as request for customer feedback.


The Policies menu lists the different policies you need to know in order to use the Bid Express service, including the Subscriber Agreement, Terms of Use, and the Digital IDs policy.  


The News menu gives you access to press releases, news clippings, and agency studies on the Bid Express service.


The Questions/Help menu covers questions in several categories:  General Questions, Hardware/Software, Digital IDs, Internet Bidding, Bid Bonds, and Fees.

Each category covers the frequently asked questions that relate to the heading.  If you have a question in regards to the Bid Express service that is not covered in the Questions/Help section, you can contact Bid Express customer support.