Expedite Digital IDs - Administration

You have the option of approving an ID, putting it on hold, or rejecting it. If you do not wish your agency to be part of the Digital ID approval process, please update your Bidding Options on the Manage Agency Settings page.

  1. Click the admin button (or, if you received an email notification, click the link in the email).

  2. Select Manage Digital IDs from the Expedite section of the Manage Agency page. The Bid Express service displays all the Digital IDs created for bidding with your agency. You can click the Agency Status column heading to sort the IDs by status.

  3. Click the agency status for the ID.

  4. Select the appropriate option for the ID. If you select to reject or hold the ID, enter the reason in the dialog box. The reason will be in the email sent to the contractor. Once your agency is past the migration date for using the Bid software, you will no longer be able to change the status of Digital IDs for Expedite.

  5. Click save. The Bid Express service sends any necessary emails to the contractor and updates the Status and Status Set By columns and returns you to the Manage Digital IDs or Manage Electronic Bidders page.

Once the Digital ID is approved or rejected by the agency, you will not be able to change its status.

There are several statuses a contractor Digital ID can have. The agency status is what your agency is doing; the overall status also takes into account Bid Express administration. If you hold or reject an ID, you must include a reason. If you reject an ID, the contractor will have to restart the Digital ID creation process.

Click the status to see details of the Digital ID.

Pending The contractor completed the online registration, but the ID is not yet approved by the agency and the Bid Express service.
Holding You put the Digital ID on hold. You might choose this option if you are waiting for information from the contractor.
Rejected The Digital ID will not be approved. If you reject an ID, the contractor must restart the Digital ID process.
Enabled Both your agency and the Bid Express service have approved the Digital ID.

When the agency status is verified, and the overall status is pending, it means that your agency has approved the Digital ID but Bid Express administration has not. Holding means you are holding the ID. An overall status of enabled means both your agency and Bid Express administration has approved it, and rejected means either your agency or Bid Express administration has rejected it.