Digital IDs

An Info Tech Digital ID is an electronic tool that allows contractors to digitally sign bids submitted via the Bid Express service. You must have a Digital ID created and approved before submitting a bid over the Internet.


Note:  If you received an email from your agency saying it was changing its vendor numbers and this change will impact your Digital ID, follow the instructions sent with the announcement to update your Digital ID.  If you have any questions or need help, please contact your agency or Bid Express customer support.

If you are creating a Digital ID as part of a joint venture, please contact your agency for requirements.

The Info Tech® KeyLab™ generates or manages the key used to post your proposal.  It also downloads and decrypts submitted bids. In order to use this program, you must be running Windows and have the latest version of the .NET framework.

In addition, the information about your company in the Expedite Bid software must exactly match any company information you enter to create your Digital ID.

Creating a Digital ID

When you try to create a Digital ID, the Bid Express service will display a message if your version of .NET is out of date.  Click here to download the latest version of .NET framework or download it from the Digital ID page.

If you previously canceled a Digital ID, please remove any Digital ID information from the Expedite Bid software before creating a new ID.

To create the Digital ID:

  1. Click the mybidx icon in the upper right corner. The Bid Express service brings you to the My Bidx page.

  2. Select Digital IDs in the Account Services section. The Bid Express service brings you to the Manage Digital IDs page and displays a message if your .NET framework is out of date.

  3. If your framework is current, click create new.

  4. Read the Digital ID information and click generate id.  The Bid Express service launches the Digital ID Creator program and the KeyLab program.  You may have to minimize your Internet browser in order to see the KeyLab program.

  5. Read the KeyLab information and click next. Enter your name and your company name in the appropriate fields.  Make sure that your name and company name are listed exactly the same way as your primary bidding agency has on file.

  6. Select your primary bidding agency from the drop down list.

  7. Enter the Bidder ID number assigned to you from the agency. Click next.

  8. Select the check box allowing Bid Express administration to charge $100 to the billing method it has on file for your company and to confirm the information about your company in the Expedite Bid software exactly matches the information you entered into the KeyLab. Click next.

  9. Enter a password for your Digital ID in the Password field, and again in the Repeat Password field to verify it was entered correctly. Do not forget your password. There is no way for Bid Express administration to retrieve or reset your password.  If you lose or forget it, you will have to generate a new Digital ID and Bid Express administration will charge your billing method another $100.

  10. Click create digital id.

  11. After the Digital ID is created, click ok to back it up. This is the only time you can back up your Digital ID using the Bid Express service, though you can also create a backup in the Expedite software. The back up can be used in case you switch computers.

  12. Navigate to the location to where you wish to save your backup ID.  It is a good idea to save it to a CD or flash drive in case your computer gets corrupted.

  13. Once your backup is saved, click continue to close the KeyLab program and return to the Generate ID page.

  14. Click next on the Generate ID window.

  15. Click print registration to print a copy of your Digital ID Registration form.  Close the form window and click next.

  16. Read the information about the registration form.  Click finish.

The Bid Express service displays the Manage Digital IDs page with your new ID. Sign the form in the presence of a notary public and have the form notarized, then send it to the address on the form.

Digital ID Status

Click the status in the Status column to see the details. This includes any messages from the agency or Bid Express administration in regards to your Digital ID. When the agency or Bid Express administration updates your ID, you will receive an email message with this information.

Pending:  You've completed your online registration and will be charged the $100 fee, but the ID is not yet approved by the agency and the Bid Express service. You have 90 days to send in the paperwork before your pending ID is canceled.

Holding:  The agency has put your account on hold.  

Rejected:  Either the agency or the Bid Express administration have rejected your Digital ID. Read the reason for the rejection, then start the process again to create a new ID with updated information.

Enabled:  Your Digital ID has been approved by both Bid Express administration and the agency and is ready to use.

Click your Digital ID status to manage your Digital ID.