Bid Tabulations

Once a proposal's deadline has passed and the bids have been opened, you can see the bid tabulations for the proposal. The tabulations show what each contractor bid for each item and the overall bid total. Bid tabulations are posted at the discretion of the agency, so they may not be available in every state.

  1. Select the letting date of the proposal on the lettings tab.

  2. Select the proposal.

  3. Select Bid Tabulations from the Also Available section.  The Bid Express service opens the Bid Tabulations page. If there are no bids for the proposal, you will not see this option.

The page is divided into two sections.  The Bidders section shows the contractors and their bid totals. You can click on a bidder's name to see its bidder information. The Bidder Data shows the bid information for each item.  

If you clear the check box for a contractor in the Bidders section, that contractor's bid is removed from the items section.  Click None in the bidders section to remove all contractors except for the low bidder from the bid tabulations.

If you subscribed to the Bid Tab Analysis service, you will also see each contractors' deviation from the low bidder. Red means the unit price was above the low bidder’s unit price. Green means the unit price was less than the low bidder’s unit price.

You can export the bid tabulations into either a CSV file or a tab-separated value file by selecting the desired export option.  

When you are finished, click the letting date in the navigation trail to return to the list of lettings.