Expedite Agency Key - Administration

Public and private key pairs are used to encrypt and decrypt the digital signature. Information encrypted by one key in the pair can only be decrypted using the other key in the pair, thereby authenticating the sender’s identity. The Bid Express service uses keys in order to keep bids private until the bid opening.

Any letting created with a particular key must have access to that key to decrypt the bids. It is important that you back up your key so it can be imported to another computer in case something happens.

Once the key is generated, upload the public part to the software used to create proposal .ebs (see that software's help for how to complete this action). When bids are submitted, the private part is used to decrypt the bid.

  1. Click the admin button.

  2. Select Manage Digital IDs from the Expedite section of the Manage Agency page, or navigate to a letting whose letting date has already passed and click Open Bids. Click launch open bids and select Manage Keys from the Tools menu.

  3. Click Create Agency Key.

  4. Enter a name for the key in the Key Name field and click create.

  5. Enter a password for the key in the Password field. Do not forget your password. You will not be able to decrypt bids without it.

  6. Enter it again in the Verify Password field.

  7. Click create.

  8. Save the key file. You'll be able to export it later to create a back up.

  9. Click finish when you are done.

  10. Upload the public part of your key to the software used to create proposal EBS files (see that software's help for how to complete this step).

You can see your uploaded key by selecting Manage Keys from the Tools menu in the Bid Opener utility. Your key will be in the drop down list in the Manage Keys section. It is a good idea to make a back up of your key by exporting it to a portable file.