Agency Home Page

The agency’s home page is the first one you see after you log in and select the agency on the Bid Express home page. This is where the agency posts any messages or news that it wants you to see. Links to updated letting files are also posted on this page.

The version of the Expedite Bid software used by the agency is available on this page. Click the version in the Downloads section to start the download process. You can also download the zip utility.

You can also request a Bid Express Small Business Network account from your agency.  Click Request SBN Account in the Also Available section to start the request process.

The What's New section lists the last 50 activities that happened in regards to the lettings. These activities are posted when the agency performs specific actions. Click more at the end of the page to see earlier activities.

The following activities appear on the What's New page when the agency performs the action: