Proposal E8Q91

LETTING LOCATION: TPK HDQRTS, Ocoee, Florida, POSTING DATES: 01/02/2018 and 01/09/2018 CONTRACT DAYS: 140 CONTRACT EXECUTION DAYS: 10 SPECIAL START DATE: N/A ACQUIS./FLEXIBLE START TIME: 90 Work consists of providing all labor, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary for the addition of a dedicated northbound right turn lane at the SW Bayshore Blvd. / Port St. Lucie Blvd. intersection, along with a dedicated southbound right turn lane at the same intersection. South of the intersection, minor widening will occur on both sides of the existing roadway, along with a shift in the location of the raised concrete traffic separators. All of the existing pavement within the project limits will be milled and resurfaced. Improvements will also include modifications to the Lighting, ITS, and Signalization, along with Landscaping and Signing and Pavement Marking Plans. The summary of pay items for this project is listed in the Plans. No Pre-Bid Conference. Contractor must be prequalified.
Proposal information table
Date Generated:12/07/2017Sections: 5
Date Revised: 12/07/2017 Amendments: 1
Call Order: 005 Highway Number: 9447
Items: 129 Counties: ST LUCIE
Project ID: N/A

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