Proposal E2X41

LETTING LOCATION: 1109 S Marion Ave, Lake City, FL 32025, POSTING DATES: 12/11/2017 and 12/18/2017 CONTRACT DAYS: 60 CONTRACT EXECUTION DAYS: 10 SPECIAL START DATE: N/A ACQUIS./FLEXIBLE START TIME: 00 Days (Acq. time) Supply all equipment, materials, labor and incidentals to mill and resurface the roadway, replacement of all thermoplastic striping, symbols, reflective pavement markers (RPM's), and Maintenance of Traffic on the roadway. LUMP SUM. BID EXPRESS MANDATORY.
Proposal information table
Date Generated:11/27/2017Sections: 1
Date Revised: 11/27/2017 Amendments: 3
Call Order: 002 Highway Number:
Items: 1 Counties: TAYLOR DIST/ST-WIDE
Project ID: N/A

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