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Proposal C23144

This project consists of resurfacing work on US 287 and US 50 in Lamar. The work includes relocating roadway lighting, removing raised medians, structure work, minor widening, and concrete pavement overlay on US 287 between MP 73.0 and 76.5; asphalt pavement mill and overlay on US 287 between MP 77.0 and 77.3; and replacing raised median, curb and gutter, ADA ramps, storm sewer, and reconstruction with concrete pavement on US 50 between MP 435.2 and 435.3
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Date Generated:08/27/2020Sections: 1
Date Revised: Amendments: 0
Call Order: 001 Highway Number:
Items: 153 Counties: PROWERS
Project ID: STR2871-039

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