Proposal C21364

The Smart 25 Project limits are along NB I-25 from Ridgegate to University. There is additional ITS work along 225 between Parker Road and I-25.The purpose of the project is to install devices and equipment required to operate a coordinated ramp metering demonstration project along NB I-25. Included in the work will be modifying existing ramp meter configurations both pavement markings and ramp signal equipment.The Dry Creek Ramp will be widened to accommodate additional capacity. New ramp meter signals will be installed on C470, E470 and 225. Finally, a new CDOT Fiber backbone will be installed along NB I-25. A mandatory Prebid Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 4, 2018, starting at 9AM.The meeting will be located at 2000 S. Holly in the South Holly Large Maintenance Conference Room.
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Project ID: NHPP0252-455

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